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What is URL encoding / decoding?

According to web-standards URL cannot contain special characters and some characters are reserved for special meaning. These characters should be percent-encoded.

So “ ” (space) after encoding will be “%20”, “@” will be “%40” and so on.

Non-English characters are also encoded – “ä” becomes “%C3%A4”.

Allowed characters in URL

Why this decoding site is so cool?

You can not only decode URL but also parse it to extract URL components: scheme, host, port, user, password, path, query (with all params separately) and fragment.

To understand what does it mean decode this URL:


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How to decode and parse URL in Javascript & PHP


Use our UrlDecoder jQuery plugin

var obj = $.url.parse('http://site.com/path?arg=value');
var str = $.url.decode('http://site.com/path?arg=value');



Use the following functions:

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